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About our company

This site is owned and operated by Universal Watch Company of Las Vegas Nevada We also own and operate teno.com, boccia.com, 40nine.com & watchclub.shop.

Universal Watch Company of Las Vegas Nevada was originally established in Brookline, Massachusetts in 1994.

Led by Raphael Cohen who started in the Jewelry and watch industry in 1975 in Framingham, Massachusetts.

From the start, Raphael developed a passion for watches. Over the years, watches became a big part of his retail store assortment.

Casio digital was the first brand he introduced to his clients followed by many brands over the years from Seiko and Raymond Weil in the 70’s to Cartier in the 80's.

In 1985, Raphael Jewelers,  Framingham Massachusetts was selected to host a Tiffany and Co. boutique – one of few in the US .

Universal Watch Company, Inc. was formed 1994 to bring the unique AKTEO thematic watch line to the United States from France.

"We always got involved in the design of our products making suggestions to our suppliers, we changed the design to be suited to our customers."

In 2003, Universal Watch Co., Inc. moved to Las Vegas, Nevada to open several TeNo stores.

In 2008, Raphael added a new brand and labeled it STEEL BLAZE, which was later shortened to SB.

"It takes longer than 9 months to produce a new time piece and is a learning experience. Our first collection was nice but today we bring our customers a very high end and unique collection of watches."

In 2014, Raphael was joined by watch and industrial designer Fredi Brodmann, a long time friend.

Fredi's design ability and Raphael's vision resulted in a new collection – SB select – a Limited Edition collection of time pieces with a slim case, Swiss quartz movement and a series of graphically humoristic dials.

In late 2014, we started working on a new collection. Metropolis was born and introduced late 2015.

The Metropolis collection was made with passion and attention to details. The case is made from 3 parts enhanced with an assortment of striking dials.

In Spring 2016, we will introduce a new watch – “COUNTDOWN” – a stunning new design where the entire dial glows in the dark. 

Fine Italian leather straps were just added to the collection. Rubber straps are designed by us to fit our watches.

We are committed to design, quality and service.


Our Service Department 

At our headquarters in Las Vegas, we devote a large space to our state-of-the-art service department.

Headed by over 50 years of experience, our chief technician, Peter Tran has been with us for over 20 years.

We are dedicated and equipped to service all your after-sale needs.

Our service is fast and impeccable.

We highly recommend that you use us for any repair or service on our watches.

800.360.2586 or Contact us by email.


About the artist

Fredi Brodmann, born in Vienna in 1956, was originally a renowned cartoonist. Then, he started to apply his talents to watches by founding a design firm in New York in 1987. His sense of humor is apparent in all his work – from redesigned ping-pong paddles to unique watches.