6114465/016 Bunz Rose Gold & Diamond Pendant

$1,195 USD

Bunz rock crystal ball pendant with 18kt. red gold inlay and set with diamonds half-way around, 0.16ct. total weight.

Size: 24mm
Drilling for chain: 2.5mm

This pendant does not come with a chain.


Georg Bunz founded his company in 1975 in Pforzheim, a town in the northern Black Forest, which is known for its jewelery shops. Systematically he has the creative possibilities examined that offer various precious metals jewelry manufacture. He discovered platinum, as a material with exceptional properties and creative challenges.

Georg Bunz developed a design style that still gives the platinum jewelry its unique character today.


Just before the precious metal platinum in Germany for the first time caused a sensation, Georg Bunz founded his studio in 1975. Since that time, the history of platinum jewelry is closely connected with the name Bunz.

Looking for contemporary design of the jewelry designers discovered the white metal for itself: a material with exceptional properties and creative challenges. From this passion Bunz developed an elegant minimalist style. of today ensures future-oriented impulses.

Bunz gives jewelry a distinctive design language. Its modern aura underline diamonds with exceptional(more...)

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