"I Need Mustard" Canvas Print by Fredi Brodmann

$125 USD

Exclusively at The Steel Blaze Gallery!

Add a bit of humor to your life with Fredi Brodmann's delightfully sharp cartoon series.  Each cartoon is beautifully printed on a premium canvas gallery wrap in a variety of sizes to choose from.  Each piece shows the artist's signature and is sure to become a collector's item.

Sizes available:

12" x 18"

16" x 24"

20" x 30"

24" x 36"

30" x 40"

32" x 48"

About the Artist:

Fredi Brodmann was born in Vienna, Austria in 1956.  Since childhood he drew all the time: horses, airplanes, cars, and soon cartoons.  Ironically, that is why he became a watch designer.  He was trained by one of the top graphic designers at the time in Vienna - Joey Badian - who taught him the ABC of typography in three minutes.  While working as an editorial cartoonist in Europe, a special series of cartoons about time inspired him to make his first watch collection:  “WatchMe” by ABrodmann in 1985.  For many years, he took a break from cartoons to immerse himself in the international watch and fashion industry.

From then on he relentlessly created signature watches and collections for numerous brands, licensees and a select private label clientele including Head, Puma, Bulova, USMC, US Airforce, US Army, US Navy, Junkers, Pierre Junod, SB, 40NINE, Ventura and Normalzeit Vienna, among others.  His watches have been featured in the MoMA, Neue Galerie, Wempe and Tourneau to name a few.  He has published numerous cartoon books and exhibited in Europe with solo and group shows in Austria & Germany. 

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