The History Of Stainless Steel Jewelry!

The History Of Stainless Steel Jewelry!

Stainless steel has been in vogue for a long time. It is one of the most preferred metals when it comes to the manufacture of watches and jewelry. However, many people wonder how stainless steel came around and what is the history behind it.

The Superman of all Metals!

Experts often refer to stainless steel as the Superman of all Metals. They say that stainless steel was discovered between 1900 to 1915, however, efforts were made for the collection of this metal way back in 1821. There were a series of experiments conducted on this metal, and it was found that it was resistant to corrosion and acids. There were further experiments with metals and alloys till the material stainless-steel was born.

Combining alloys and metals

To make stainless steel chromium had to be used. There was a Frenchman called Berthier, and he decided to study the matrix of iron and how chromium affected it. He discovered that at least 10% of chromium needed to be used to make the metal more durable. After some years another Frenchman called Brustlein found that the addition of a small amount of carbon mixed with chromium with iron created a durable material called stainless steel!

The evolution of stainless steel

At the beginning after its invention, steel was used in the industrial circuits. The material was used for railways, appliances, cars and other diverse commercial products. With time, jewelers discovered the potential of stainless steel jewelry and how it can give customers long term value. Gold and silver jewelry were expensive. Way back in 1847, jewelry watches became popular. They were made by Cartier in Paris. The Company was established by Louis- Francois Cartier. The watches, in the beginning, were predominantly designed for men.

Affordable items for both men and women

Today, credible websites like create and manufacture both stainless steel watches and jewelry. People liked the material because it was affordable and lasted them for many years. The material came in several elegant pieces and forms. In fact, doctors also recommended stainless steel to patients that suffered from allergies and discomfort when they wore watches. With the passage of time, these watches and jewelry became more and more popular. Men and women who had reactions to nickel could wear them.

Exuding style and quality all the way

Stainless steel was often compared to gold as it exuded style and lasted for a long time. Moreover, stainless steel could last longer than gold primarily because of its resistance to corrosion and other harsh elements of the weather. Today, if you wish to buy stainless steel jewelry, you will be able to find a diverse range of bracelets, rings, earrings, etc.

Therefore, if you are looking for long lasting jewelry and watches that require low costs of maintenance, stainless steel is considered to be the best material for you. These products are affordable, and they come with a warranty as well. To get the latest styles and designs in stainless steel watches and jewelry, please visit

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