Style And Affordability Are Driving The Popularity Of Stainless Steel Jewelry

Style And Affordability Are Driving The Popularity Of Stainless Steel Jewelry

More and more men are now practicing fashion much in the way women do. It is true that they do not demonstrate too much, neither spends too much time on it, but one thing is for sure that the urban and discerning men want to include a part of style in their daily routine. Jewelry is now a sign of masculinity as the attraction for bracelets, rings and ear tops bear testimony to it. 

Over the last few years, there has been a special trend in men’s jewelry as stainless steel jewelry is fast gaining popularity.  The prime reasons for its attraction are durability and strength and that it requires no maintenance and is quite affordable have made it a hot favorite. This has resulted in stainless steel breaking into the ranks of traditional jewelry metals like gold, platinum, and silver. Now, let us look deeper to uncover the reasons for attraction.

Lower production cost

Stainless steel jewelry manufacturing cost is at par with copper jewelry but much less than silver. As the price of precious metals like gold, platinum, and silver keep moving up, to keep pace with the increasing fashion demands, jewelry manufacturers have quit for some being on the lookout for some cheaper alternative.  Stainless steel though known as an industrial metal has been able to capture the imagination of male fashion seekers and it encouraged manufacturers who got attracted to its low manufacturing cost. Stainless steel is the preferred metal today for making rings and bracelets that have become the most used jewelry metal for men. One can envisage the use of stainless steel for making chain necklaces.

Good for regular use

Just as strength is inherent to the male psyche, it seems natural that they would be attracted to the strength of stainless steel that makes it durable. Moreover, the white appearance of stainless steel is much to the liking of men who look upon the color of yellow gold as closely related to women.  Stainless contains chromium that makes it corrosion resistant. Its low carbon content adds to its strength and that it does not contain nickel makes it tolerable for human skin without the fear of allergy. Thus, stainless steel is ideal for regular use as you keep on wearing it for years without tarnishing. The stainless steel jewelry that you find on the website of SB watches is made from superior quality stainless steel that possesses all these properties.

It is highly affordable

The introduction of stainless steel in jewelry making has broken the age-old myth that jewelry is costly. It used to be expensive when only precious metals went into jewelry, but no more. The price of stainless steel is no match for any other jewelry metals barring copper. Easy affordability of stainless jewelry has fueled the demand as more and more people go for it and it has made inroads into the world of women’s fashion too.

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