Buying Watches Made Easy With Steel Blaze Design Ranges

August 01, 2017

Buying Watches Made Easy With Steel Blaze Design Ranges

Either you can learn about watch shopping regularly like the smart shoppers, or you can learn it the hard way. If you save $200 by going for a counterfeit branded wrist watch, you will be wasting the entire amount you are paying for the item.

Luxury brand watches are not just simple time telling devices; they signify a man's taste. They show your social standing and your taste. These are things that you cannot "fake." Anyone can buy a cheap watch to tell time. However, not everyone can say a Tag Heuer from a Fossil and a Seiko from a Casio. Your choice of brand and model speaks oodles about your aesthetics and personality.

Impress with your first look

During an interview, the first handshake determines the first impression. Similarly, the first glimpse of a luxury watch speaks more than you can imagine about your image. Entry-level luxury watches are common among Wall Street interns, corporate interns, and creative juniors. No matter how cheap your watch is, you need to be sure that it uses transparent sapphire crystal glass cover only. Cost cutting forces some lesser-known companies to replace 316L stainless steel with cheaper alternatives. Always look for the mark of authenticity at the back of your watch.

Movement defines class

Luxury watches are famous for smooth movement of their hands. Swiss movement and Japanese movement are both renowned for excellent movement quality. Steel Blade offers the finest blend of both technologies to provide the luxury watch aficionados the most deluxe movement that enables almost atomic precision time telling. The top price range of all luxury watches including Philippe, AudemarsPiguet, A. Lange and Sohne manufacture their movement. No one can replicate the movement of their watch hands.

What is the sign of a genuine designer watch?

A good watchmaker is also a proud watchmaker. He is likely to sign the watch they have just finished making. There are four places you can find the name of the maker –

  • The face
  • The case-back
  • The strap-buckle
  • The crown

Why are you paying big bucks?

If you are buying expensive luxury watches, be sure to verify their metal compositions. The precious luxury designs should always include precious metals including gold, platinum, and titanium. Many famous watchmaker houses also use natural minerals and gemstones to design their flagship pieces. You can find solitaires and sapphires on the dial of these watches, irrespective of the gender.

To cut cost, you can go for the smarter alternative – recycled gemstones. You can find many watches that use gems from older unsold models. However, your watchmaker should be honest enough like Steel Blaze to tell their buyers about the origin of these natural gemstones.

Luxury watches are like fine jewelry. They are smart investments for every person. Always look for a certification of quality and the marks of genuine products when you are out shopping for your next luxury watch. Shopping from gives you a 100% guarantee of a real product at the best prices. 

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