As Horses Are For Courses, Watches Too Must Match The Occasion

As Horses Are For Courses, Watches Too Must Match The Occasion

It is only normal for a person to own several watches because watch styles are far from one size fits all. At different times in life and for different occasions, you will need different watch styles to suit the event. The watch that you will wear when you are running the marathon will be entirely distinct from the one that you wore on your first day in office. The watch that you wore for your wedding must be the pick of the lot among all watches in your closet. Therefore, you must have an excellent collection of watches so that you are best dressed for the occasion complete with accessories. To know about how to match watches with events, keep reading.

A watch for wearing in office

This must have wrist watch is also perhaps the most worn item that you have in your range of clothing and accessories. Since you will wear the watch for long hours, consider how much comfortable you would feel with it so that you can keep wearing it. Choose a watch that is durable in construction but lightweight and pays attention to the color of the watch strap as well as it is an important consideration.  A stitched leather strap with soft colors like noir or tan is a good choice as it can match the different colors of dress that you wear. The watch strap color and dial color provide the dynamic edge to your attire and personality.

Partying with friends

Spending a night out with friends is such a special occasion that you cannot do without a particular watch for the day. The celebratory spirit that defines the event must show up through your dress and appearance in which the watch plays a significant role.  Look for a watch that is robust and stylish and has a loud presence. Look up at to discover the range of SB watches that have an extensive display of attractive watches that match with every occasion. This is the perfect setting for experimenting something bold and beautiful and SB watches would never let you down.

The workout session

Wearing a watch when you are at workout sessions makes a unique fashion statement, and it has now become a norm. However, be careful to select a watch that can put up with some rough handling, no matter how much you try to avoid it, as it becomes inevitable at times. Many sports watches are now available that are specially made for the occasion. From the selection of material to design and construction features, the watchmakers have done everything to meet the expectations of users. Sports watches are now integral to sports so much that people talk about it in the same breath when discussing sportswear.

Although SB watches are reputed for its contemporary and trending designs for younger people, they have not forgotten the needs of senior citizens, who are still much fashion conscious.  If you are interested in this category, browse through the website to have a look at the retired styles.

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