3 Materials That Make the Best Wrist Watch Straps

3 Materials That Make the Best Wrist Watch Straps

Your choice of watch straps is important in defining your style and also determining how durable the straps will be. Therefore, it is important that you find the most durable but still stunning materials when picking your watch straps.

This post explains four of the most popular and most sought-after watch strap materials. Read on and pick a material that suits your style and still meets your needs.Truth is, watch straps are available in plenty of styles; styles that are meant to complement the wearer’s look. But at the end of the day, your choice of straps should be determined by the durability, the length, the width and the materials of the straps.

But because there are multiple materials that can create a watch strap, here are 3 materials that are durable and will also be comfortable to wear.

  • Leather – This material is the most popular watch strap material that is known across the globe. Leather is a highly versatile material and for this reason, having a leather watch strap will look great with both casual and official looks. Moreover, it is the luxurious texture and aesthetic appeal of leather that makes it ideal for premium watches.

Leather is also a very durable material. However, we cannot deny that there is fake leather in the market. It is therefore up to you to get your watch straps from reliable and reputable manufacturers. This way, you will not find yourself buying fake leather watch straps.

  • Rubber – Rubber is the second most popular material for watch straps. Rubber is a very light weight material, making it ideal for children watches, women watches and sports watches. In addition to this, rubber is a relatively cheaper material than leather. So, if you still want a good watch strap that is affordable, rubber or silicone will be the perfect choice for you.

If buying fashion watches for your children, or you are choosing a sports watch for your fitness and athletic performance like cycling, aerobics, hiking or swimming, the best watches to go for are watches that have rubber straps. They are comfortable to wear, they are light and you will not feel like you are carrying a load on your wrist.

  • Gold plated – In the world of fashion, it is okay to go for sleek accessories to accentuate your look. And there is nothing that speaks sleek like gold coated watch straps. If you want something that is not an everyday look that you can find millions of people with, gold is the way to go when choosing your watch straps.

However, gold can be quite costly. But it is a choice that will definitely give you good value for your money.

In conclusion, when picking your straps, find straps that are easily adjustable, straps that are securely fixed and straps that are long enough to fit your wrist. When picking straps for children, ensure that you go for materials that are gentle on the skin and also not too heavy for the child to bear.

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